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Stigall: Two Weeks Just Turned Into Eight Years

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Week two of the Trump presidency. Week two of professional protesters in action. We've seen the GOP retreat in Philadelphia protested while Trump was in town, tying up traffic and stifling commerce.

Airports like Philadelphia International blocked and disrupted by protesters claiming to be upset over Trump's immigration reforms. UC Berkley and the school's surrounding community as well as their police and citizens - burned, broken, and bloodied - simply because a pro-Trump speaker was scheduled to appear on campus.

A prison uprising in Delaware Thursday led to the death of a corrections officer and the rogue prisoners responsible using Trump as a rationale for their actions. Media giant Comcast announced on the same day they'd give their employees coordinating a walk-off-the-job protest paid time off to express their displeasure with the new president.

Then there's Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey and his minority Senate colleagues who aren't just speaking out against Trump's nominees – they're refusing to even show up to hearings forcing Republicans to act alone.

What are we watching?

We're watching a major political party who can only win coastal regions of the country struggle to cope with the loss of a national election. That's what.

Unhinged, sore losers who were lucky to have had eight years to rule against the will of the people. Democrats had a charismatic demagogue named Obama who capitalized on white guilt. His inexperience, radical activities and ties were overlooked in hopes of absolving the country of sins long past.

The actual result was a greater racial divide and a regular, national lesson on professional protesting. Protesting Obama again endorsed from the sidelines, just ten days into his new "private" life. Think Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, etc. as the template. Obama left the nation with lasting, purposeful, strategic cultural rot and agitation.

Another result of Obama's rein was the electoral collapse of the Democrat Party. Now his minions - left without a leader and their party out of power - can only protest the system and the country they long abused.

Their tantrums will lessen in intensity like a child who cries itself to sleep. But the tantrums will always return and won't end until they return to power and exact revenge on those who actually want things like affordable health care, or true racial harmony, or enforced borders and national security, or jobs and a thriving economy.

It is that mentally ill, but it's also that easy to understand. We're watching losers trying to intimidate the American people— as if it's a persuasive strategy.

Community agitators had their day. Eight years was enough for the victims and they voted Trump. As the agitators' tantrums continue, the rest of the civilized country will resolve to keep them at bay in future elections once again.

Media will give the agitators oxygen. The pictures are too titillating to ignore. But the majority of the American public is watching in disgust. With every traffic tie- up, every airport stall, every burned and broken building and every threat – the Democrat party and the American left are galvanizing their electoral opposition.

Folks reluctant of Trump who grudgingly cast their vote for him will now be moved to stand behind him as he takes the agitators head-on. Independents, working class Democrats, and even hard line #NeverTrump conservatives will now back Trump simply to deny the agitators a future seat of power.

The anti-Trump lunacy unleashed – largely manufactured and literally purchased – may make front-page news today, but it will lead to a Democrat Party as a political footnote tomorrow. Maybe for a generation.

But pace yourselves agitators. It'll be a marathon, not a sprint. It's only week two. You've likely convinced most of the country to give Trump another term already.

Eight years of this will take a lot of energy.

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