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Stigall Show Log 9.27.12

5:40 The NFL and the referees union have reached an agreement to end their labor dispute.

5:44 The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Patriot News of Harrisburg are suing to view Pennsylvania's first execution in 13 years. 

5:45 Karl Rove explained how polls claiming a huge lead for President Obama are skewed towards Democrats.

6:11 The Libyan President said yesterday that the attack on the consolate and the murder of Ambassador Stevens was not the result of an internet video.

6:42 Mayor Michael Nutter announced raises for non-union city workers but increased the amount they will contribute for healthcare and pensions.

6:56 President Obama is prepping for next week's debate.

7:25 Roger Simon wrote at Politico over the weekend that Paul Ryan has gone rogue on Mitt Romney.

8:10 Chris talks to Jerome Corsi, from World Net Daily, about the skewing in polls that favors President Obama.

8:40 Chris talks to Jennifer Childs from 1812 Productions about their latest show, This is The Week That Is, running from today until November 4.

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