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Stigall Show Log 9.25.13

6:10 Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has the votes to maintain the funding for Obamacare.

6:15 Joel Pollack writes that Ted Cruz' resistance to Obamacare is not futile.

6:40 Chris talks to David Keene, the President of the NRA, about the reaction to the Washington Navy Yard shooting.

7:47 Mariano Rivera Bobblehead Night at Yankee Stadium turned into chaos when the bobbleheads arrived late.

7:50 People on a Septa platform did not intervene in a conflict between a police officer and a suspect.

8:11 Chris talks to Tom McGrath from Philadelphia Magazine about an upcoming story on Kermit Gosnell.

8:27 Chris welcomes the Piazza Pet of the week into the studio. Check out if you're interested in adopting a pet for your home.

8:40 Miley Cyrus credits the inspiration for her new look to the time she spent on South Street.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus (Photo credit EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

8:45 A Forbes breakdown claims the costs of Obamacare will skyrocket next year.

8:59 A British Royal Marine saved over 100 people during the terrorist attacks in Nairobi, Kenya.

9:42 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie leads his Democratic challenger, Barbara Buono, in a recent poll by 34 points.

9:44 25 may now be considered the new age of adulthood.

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