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Stigall Show Log 8.23.12

5:41 Mitt Romney's campaign has outraised Barack Obama's for three consecutive months.

5:42 The Obama campaign has pulled ahead of Romney in fundraising regionally.

5:44 The mayor of Tampa said he will evacuate the city if a hurricane hits the city during the Republican National Convention.

5:50 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin should drop out of the race and public life altogether.

6:12 New polls show Mitt Romney closing the gap with President Obama in Wisconsin.

6:14 A University of Colorado election model predicts Mitt Romney will win in November.

6:42 Chris talks to CBS 3's Dray Clark about the police apprehension of a person of interest in the murder of officer Moses Walker.

6:58 There is now speculation that Michael Vick could be released at the end of the season.

7:10 Fans of Hall and Oates have created a Super PAC called Hall and Oates for America.

Hall and Oates
Hall and Oates (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

7:23 Louisville Slugger and Little League Baseball reached a settlement with a family for $14.5 million after their son was seriously injured.

7:46 Former Penn State President Graham Spanier said in an interview that if he knew Jerry Sandusky was abusing children, he would've intervened

8:23 Chris talks to former Democratic Congressman Artur Davis, who will be speaking at the Republican National Convention.

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