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Stigall Show Log 8.2.12

5:40 Chick-Fil-A enjoyed a big day yesterday after supporters staged a buy in at local chains.

6:11 The Phillies got a home run from Nate Schierholtz is his debut with the team to beat the Nationals 3-2.

6:13 Chefs in Philadelphia are trying to find ways to use the entire animal in cooking.

6:17 A man with an AK-47 was arrested on a subway.

6:42 Many cities and states are assessing happiness indexes.

7:10 Chris talks to Victor Fiorillo at the Philly Post about his most recent article about other companies you should boycott, if you're upset with Chick-Fil-A.

7:40 NBC revealed a little too much during their online Olympic broadcast during a women's water polo match.

7:43 Jerry Sandusky is very upset at the sanctions levied against Penn State by the NCAA.

7:45 Mitt Romney's campaign revealed they will announce his Vice-Presidential pick through a smartphone app.

8:10 Chris talks to Phyllis Schlafly about an Eagle Forum event that will be held in the city on Saturday night and her book, No Higher Power.

8:26 5 Teens have been given house arrest in advance of their trial for alledgedly gang raping a girl.

8:27 Umpires at a minor league baseball game ejected the PA Announcer for playing "Three Blind Mice" after a questionable call.

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