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Stigall Show Log 6.12.13

6:10 A Philadelphia couple and an activist attorney have filed a class-action lawsuit over the National Security Agency's collection of Verizon customers' records.

6:42 The Senate voted overwhelmingly Tuesday June 12th to begin debating an overhaul of the nation's immigration laws.

7:12 The U.S. open  has brought a lot of excitement to the Philadelphia area.

7:25 A UK publication lists 20 reasons why Superman might be Jesus.

7:43 Jenny Beth Martin, National Coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, discusses the recent Government scandals including the targeting of conservative groups.

8:10 Tom McGrath from Philadelphia Magazine and Chris discuss the center city building collapse aftermath and the U.S. open at Merion.

8:43 Wendy from the Pennsylvania SPCA introduces Gideon, a gentle, mature Shar Pei mix, the official Piazza Pet of the week.

8:48 Chris Rants about the Government being too intrusive and parent like.

9:08 Chris Cuomo and Kate Boulduan joins Chris to talk about their new morning news show on CNN.

9:29 Chris talks republican front runners Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Rand Paul.

9:43 UCLA professor explains why unisex bathrooms are necessary.






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