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Stigall Show Log 5.30.12

 5:40 Donald Trump got into a heated discussion with Wolf Blitzer on CNN over the birth certificate issue.

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

5:55 Mitt Romney clinched the Republican nomination but was overshadowed in the media by Donald Trump

6:18 The New York Times Ombudsman wrote last month that we need to look closer at who the President is.

 6:26 Bob Dylan recieved the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama. 

6:27 Serena Williams was upset yesterday at the French Open. 

 6:29 Money from 9/11 commemorative license plates that was supposed be used for scholarships and to fight terrorism was diverted to plug deficits in California

6:48 Michael Nutter is being criticized for him comments about Mitt Romney's appearance at a West Philly charter school. 

6:59 Andrew McCarthy writes for National Review that Chris Christie is not a true conservative

7:11 Chris talks to Ed Conard, a former partner at Bain Capital, about his new book, Unintended Consequences

7:40 Chris talks to Phillies Television Play-By-Play Announcer Tom McCarthy about Roy Halladay's trip to the disabled list and where the Phils stand heading into June. 

7:59 Chris is outraged with Buzzfeed's top 25 television catch phrases

8:10 Chris talks to the Philly Post's Tom McGrath about a piece Chris wrote about President Obama's college transcripts. 

8:39 Chris talks to the Eagles COO, Don Smolenski about Real Madrid returning to Lincoln Financial Field to play Celtic in soccer.

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