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Stigall Show Log 5.21.13

6:10 A tornado destroyed a suburb of Oklahoma City yesterday.

6:15 Sheldon Whitehouse, Senator from Rhode Island, used the tornado in Oklahoma to make a point about climate change.

6:19 A creator of the Daily Show said the tornado was only targeting conservatives.

6:42 White House Counsel was told in April about the IRS investigating of political groups.

7:17 Multiple Fox News reporters were targeted by the Justice Department for communicating with government sources.

7:42 Chris talks to John Stemberger, the Founder of, who believes sexuality should be kept out of the Boy Scouts.

8:41 Chris talks to CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson about reporting on Benghazi and the possibility that her personal phones and computers have been compromised.

9:40 Chris talks to Author and Reporter Jeremy Scahill about his upcoming film, Dirty Wars.

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