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Stigall Show Log 4.25.12

5:40 Mitt Romney won the Pennsylvania and Delaware Republican Presidential Primaries yesterday.

5:57 Tom Smith, winner of the Pennsylvania Republican Senate Primary, will face Bob Casey in November.

6:10 Kathleen Kane defeated Patrick Murphy in the Democratic Primary for Attorney General in Pennsylvania.

6:25 Kathleen Kane is being criticized for winning her race funded by her husband's money.

6:42 Two Blue Dog Democrats lost primaries in Pennsylvania yesterday.

6:55 Newt Gingrich was hoping to win Delaware's Presidential Primary, but now may have to finally re-assess his campaign.

6:56 In his first interview since dropping out of the race, Rick Santorum did not endorse Mitt Romney.

7:10 Chris talks to Tom Smith, who won the Republican nomination for Senate in Pennsylvania yesterday.

7:43 The Michael Landon Plaque has been returned to a Collingswood Park.

8:12 Chris talks to the Editor of Philadelphia Magazine, Tom McGrath, about Kathleen Kane's primary win for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General.

8:40 Chris talks to Dan Dizio, CEO of Philly Pretzel Company, about his upcoming appearance on Undercover Boss

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