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Stigall Show Log 3.18.11

5:41 President Obama ensures that there is no threat to the U.S. from Japan's nuclear reactors.

5:57 Ann Coulter wrote a column that excess radiation may be good for you.

6:01 Montgomery County officials have given out more than double the amount of potassium iodide pills that they gave out last year.

6:11 Chris recounts his Thursday watching the NCAA Tournament.

6:16 GQ has rated Philadelphia sports fans as the #1 and #2 worst fans in the country.

6:41 Charles Krauthammer argues that if NPR programming is so superior it would be able to surive without public funding.

6:55 Democratic Congressman from Massachussetts, Jim McGovern wants to ban all federal money from buying time on Fox News.

7:10 Chris talks to Steve Cordasco about inflation on Finance Friday.

8:14 Check out our podcast page for interviews with Francis Finnegan and Father James Brennan from earlier in the week regarding the Catholic Priest scandal.

8:41 Sheppard Smith scolds people for panicking over iodide pills.

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