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Stigall Show Log 12.23.14 (Jeff Bolton)

5:30am- We start off the show talking about the two New York City police officers that were killed over the weekend. Jeff believes that if we continue on the path we are on men and women will be less and less likely to join law enforcement. It will be impossible for officers to protect a society that condones violence against cops.

6:00am- Parents of Sandy Hook victims have decided to sue gun manufacturer Bushmaster. Jeff feels for the families and understands their anger but can't figure out how the tragedy is the gun manufacturers fault. Jeff says guns aren't the issue, bad people are.

6:30am- Jeff talks about a new PSA which encourages kids to steal their parent's guns and turn them into a teacher. Jeff thinks the PSA's message is incredibly stupid and dangerous.

6:45am- CBS3 meteorologist Katie Fehlinger checks into to talk weather and how we can expect a rainy Christmas.

7:20am- Yesterday Pope Francis criticized Vatican bureaucracy. Jeff think it's great that the pope is getting back to basics.

8:05am- Jeff is joined by Colonel Tom Brewer. Colonel Brewer served in the military for over 30 years and checked in to talk about his program Heroes and Horses. The organization benefits veterans who are suffering from physical and mental scars.

8:35am- Rafael Cruz joins the show to discuss President Obama's recent decision to normalize relations with Cuba. Cruz is a Cuban immigrant and the father of Texas Senator Ted Cruz. He tells us what it was like to grow up in a communist country. Both he and Jeff think it's a mistake to engage in diplomacy with Cuba.

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