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Stigall Show Log 12.22.14 (Jeff Bolton)

5:30am- Jeff opens the show by discussing Sony's decision to not release "The Interview". President Obama says the Sony hack was not an act of war. Jeff doesn't understand why the government would be commenting on a cyber attack on a private company.

6:00am- Jeff is sick to his stomach over the assassination of two New York City cops. He thinks that the medias race bating led to the tragedy. NYPD Union President Patrick Lynch blames Mayor di Blasio.

7:20am- Colonel John Antal joins the program to discuss cyber warfare and whether or not North Korea is a legitimate threat. He also talks about his book "7 Leadership Lessons of the American Revolution: The Founding Fathers, Liberty, and the Struggle for Independence".

7:35am- President Obama said he was mistaken for a valet. Jeff tells a story about how an older woman mistook him for a grocery store clerk.

8:00am- CBS3 Sports Director and former NFL player Beasley Reese checks in to talk Eagles-Redskins. He can't believe the Eagles have been eliminated from postseason contention. Jeff and Beasley try to predict what happens in the off-season. Both agree the Birds need help on defense.

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