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Stigall Show Log 1.2.15 (Jeff Bolton)

5:30am-  Jeff rang in the New Year by watching "The Interview." He thought it was hilarious and is glad it was released despite threats from North Korea. He sees the movie release as a victory for free speech.

5:45am- The New York City Police Department is denying an organized work stoppage despite a 66% decrease in arrests.

6:00am- United Airlines is suing 22 year old Aktarer Zaman over lost revenue. Zaman created a website that uses a strategy called "hidden city ticketing" which involves passengers intentionally getting off at layover airports. Jeff thinks the idea is clever and doesn't think it's fair that airlines are going after Zaman.

6:15am- Protests in Ferguson, Missouri continue. Jeff still can't believe people want to continue to protest in Michael Brown's name. He understands that cases of police brutality do exist but doesn't believe Michael Brown was one of them.

6:30am- More and more red light cameras are coming down but cameras used to target speeders are on the rise. Jeff hopes that the public will take a stand against these new cameras. He thinks people are smart enough to recognize when they are going too fast.

6:45am- CBS3 Meteorologist Katie Fehlinger checks in to chat about the New Year.

7:00am- Jeb Bush is resigning from different business boards. Speculation is that the resignations are so he can concentrate on a possible 2016 Presidential Election. Jeff says that conservatives need to rally around which ever candidate ends up winning the Republican nomination.

7:30am- Former US Navy Seal and author of "Among Heroes" Brandon Webb joins the show. He and Jeff talk about Brandon's new book which you can pre-order now on Amazon. The two also discuss Navy Seal sniper training and the movie "American Sniper."

8:00am- US Congressman Michael Burgess calls in to discuss what congress plans to do about the tremendous amount of debt that the country currently finds itself in.

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