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Stigall Show 4.4.12

5:40 Mitt Romney won three primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington DC yesterday.

6:17 The man arrested last week for accidentally trying to bring fireworks into the airport has been released on house arrest at his mother's house.

6:42 Chris talks to Lisa Bloom about her book Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed Down World.

7:10 President Obama attacked Republicans for their budget proposal.

7:46 The President's economic team rejected Paul Ryan's budget but don't have a solution of their own.

8:10 Chris talks to Victor Fiorillo of the Philly Post about his hatred of Bruce Springsteen and removing videos after political pressure.

8:40 Chris talks to Rick Santorum about his candidacy for President and staying in the race in the face of the long odds he faces against Mitt Romney

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