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Stigall: Sandy, Not Bridgegate, Will Be Christie's Downfall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On Wednesday morning on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Chris Stigall argued that problems with the dissemination of Hurricane Sandy relief funds will ultimately derail New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's Presidential ambitions, despite the heavy attention paid in the media to the scandal over lane closures on the George Washington Bridge.

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Chris Stigall

"This bridge thing will blow over. It's not the issue. Sandy's going to be the issue, and while it was what helped him rise to political prominence and a handy re-election and everybody lauded him as this great uniter, it [is] going to be his undoing," Stigall said, citing reports of the slow recovery from the damage caused by the storm.

Stigall also said it won't be Democrats that use this issue to defeat the Governor, but his own Republican allies, who were unhappy with his conduct immediately following the storm.

"Sandy [is] going to be the trouble for him before he even [gets] out of the Republican primary, because again, much like the last go around, you're going to have a half dozen people, early, hitting Christie from the Republican side on this issue…The tantrum he threw about even trying to secure the Sandy money…fellow Republicans said, 'Wait a minute Governor, this money is not being spent well,'" Stigall stated.

Christie faced angry residents of damaged communities in a town forum last week who remain unhappy with the state of the recovery. Stigall says this damages Christie's reputation and has begun eating away at his future political prospects.

"He was the great savior, he was post-partisan. He did everything right, and the Democrats loved him -- until they didn't anymore.

Now, everybody's looking at [how] the money is being distributed and what's he trying to do? Blame the federal government. He's not going to take responsibility for it," Stigall concluded.

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