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Stigall: No, Democrats. We Don't Want Trump to Treat You As Obama Has

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Hillary Clinton voters, I understand you're scared.

I understand you're angry. I understand you're disappointed. I understand you feel like you don't know your country anymore. But I need you to understand something.

It's how I felt when you helped elect Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

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Believe it or not, I thought he was pretty dangerous, too. I thought he held some pretty radical points of view, too. Most of all, I dreaded what he had in mind for our country's direction. And you know what? He succeeded in fomenting, presiding over, and implementing so much of what I feared.

My sister-in-law called two days before the election devastated her family of five's private health insurance policy jumped $500 a month.

I've watched cops protested and assassinated while American cities roil and burn. I've watched people tie up traffic and "occupy" streets and places of business.

I've seen a chicken sandwich restaurant attacked because its founder supports traditional marriage and a beer company attacked because its owner supports a Republican candidate.

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Some of my favorite comedians have complained their comedy is no longer welcome on college campuses because what was once a punch line is now "dangerous speech." My favorite entertainers suggest because I don't support their candidate, I'm somehow a racist, sexist, or a homophobe.

I've been told tougher screening of certain groups tied to terrorism and more secure borders is somehow anti -American while watching our citizens gunned down by radical jihadists is dismissed as "random acts" of "workplace violence."

It took hacked emails to discover the nation's media works directly with one of the nation's major political parties to manipulate coverage of their opponents and curry favor for their chosen nominee.

College students now account for over a trillion dollars in student loan debt, while job prospects for them remain slim and low paying.

I've watched an IRS targeting certain political groups., an EPA that's made our energy more expensive, a DOE which created a one-size-fits-all curriculum for my kids who all learn differently, a Veterans Affairs scandal that's treated some of our heroes worse than animals, and a Secretary of State who created an illegal secret means of communication to enrich herself and provide favors with her office.

Perhaps worst of all, I've watched an FBI, DOJ, and Supreme Court become completely compromised by the politics of the day and not the Constitution and the rule of law. Without equal application of the law, we have no nation.

And you know who presided over all of these things? The man who made me feel for the last 8 years just the way you Hillary voters feel today. But here's my promise:

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My vote for Trump yesterday was to undo all of the things I just listed. I couldn't care less about Trump the man. I'm not invested in him. I'm not wearing him on my shirt like you did Obama. I want Washington DC, corruption, bullying, chaos, and stagnation in this country to stop. I want to be left alone. I want you to be left alone, too.

I want my government to provide for the common defense and help put more disposable income in my pocket – that's it. Leave me, my neighbors, my church, my community, and my state to run our own lives. That's what I expect from Donald Trump. I don't want and won't support him "doing" anything to you or me.

Barack Obama, Washington D.C., and the elites of political parties, entertainers, and media companies have been dictating the terms of, and mocking American's lives long enough. I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with you in fighting Donald Trump should he engage in the same behavior.

But for now, understand this election symbolizes a nation full of people like me who feel like we've been getting the back of our president and government's hand for eight long years.

Donald Trump is the response. He wasn't elected to punish you, or judge you, or jail you, or mock you, or ridicule you if you disagree with him. That's what the last 8 years have been.

I voted for him with the hope he moves Heaven and Earth to leave you and me alone to lead our lives as we see fit. If he strays from that, I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with you to stop him.

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I didn't vote Trump because he'd inspire me or raise my kids or take care of me or influence my life in any way.

Donald Trump didn't win because his voters thought he'd govern as a Republican Barack Obama. His voters hope he'll govern just the opposite. If he's successful and does it right, you shouldn't know he's there.

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