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Stickman Brews Teaming Up With Ukrainian Brewery To Help 'Really Dire' Humanitarian Crisis

ROYERSFORD, Pa. (CBS) -- Businesses and groups in our area are coming together to aid the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

"The situation is really dire there. These people really need anything they can get," Stickman Brews owner and head brewer Ethan Buckman said.

And what they're offering at Stickman Brews is beer and money. The brewery in Royersford is joining forces with breweries around the world to help with the crisis.

Buckman's family immigrated from Ukraine generations ago. But he says he still feels a connection.

"It has in a way made me feel very obligated to help out," he said.

They're now teaming up with Pravda Brewery in Ukraine. At the start of the invasion, they were put on the world stage when they stopped producing beer and started producing Molotov cocktails.

"No matter how hard things are with us, our brewery is not getting bombed. We're not weighing the possibility of bottling Molotov cocktails on our packaging line to help defend the places we live," Buckman said.

Stickman is brewing two beers to benefit Ukrainians. One is a Ukrainian recipe. The other, named Aundzer Landsman is their recipe. They hope to have both beers ready within a few weeks.

And from beers to meals. The students at Neumann University packed meals to send to Ukraine.

"We're packing meals, over 13,000 meals we'll pack today," Megan Camp said.

About two dozen students and staff at Neumann University packaged meals to be sent to Ukrainian refugees in Poland. They're working with Kids Against Hunger Philadelphia.

"Anytime there are people in need, as humans we want to help other people and people who are suffering, the women and children," Camp said.

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