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State Representative Holds Town Hall Meeting On Gun Violence

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- State Representative Curtis Thomas joined police, religious, and community leaders for a gun violence meeting to discuss ways the community can combat what Thomas calls "an explosion of gun violence in North Central Philadelphia."

Flanked by pastors and the district police chief, Representative Thomas detailed a list of actions that need to be taken to help curb the rising violence, which Thomas called a crisis.

"In the last 45 days, we have had almost 33 people shot and/or killed in North Central Philadelphia," Thomas said.

Curtis Thomas Gun Violence
State Rep Curtis Thomas (3rd from left) hosting a community meeting with police and religious leaders at Cambria Rec Center. (credit: Dan Wing)

The common thread among the actions that need to be taken, according to Thomas, is for the community to retake control of their neighborhood.

"We can no longer turn our head the other way or point to somebody else for bringing about a resolution to it," said Thomas.

Thomas says residents need to form a Communities That Care Network, sharing resources and information with each other to give children an alternative to hanging on the streets, or getting involved with gangs.

He says it's important to establish positive relationships between the community and law enforcement, and for the community to build relationships with their neighbors.

One complaint from residents was that there are not enough people willing to help. It's an issue that the State Rep says he will work to change immediately.

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