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State Rep Fires Back At Mayor Kenney Over Sanctuary Cities Bill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - State Representative Martina White fired back at Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney after he criticized her bill that would punish sanctuary cities in Pennsylvania and issued a statement saying he has 'concerns about her understanding of the law, policing and government.'

White called the Mayor hypocritical during an interview on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT with Dom Giordano.


"Mayor Kenney, he's more committed to protecting illegal immigrants who are shielded by this government policy and he's supposed to be protecting citizens. My bill is what is going to help address that. I just find it particularly galling that the Mayor would actually accuse me of not understanding law enforcement when he, himself, actually stated that he is breaking the federal law with his own actions by saying that non-compliance is good governance."

White's said her bill, which would hold municipalities liable for repeat crimes committed undocumented immigrants, could be considered for passage soon by the House of Representatives in Harrisburg.

"The committee, yesterday, had actually voted, I believe, it was 15 to 8 in favor of passing my legislation so that it will be able to be placed on to the House floor. It did go along party lines and there were no amendments to the legislation. We'll see what's offered as amendments when run on the House floor. Yesterday, as it was committed to the House floor and read across the desk, it's basically on first consideration and then, hopefully, today, it will be on second consideration."


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