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Start of Korean War, 65 Years Ago, Marked at Philadelphia Memorial

By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Community leaders in Philadelphia today held a memorial ceremony in observance of the 65th anniversary of the start of the Korean War.

In front of Philadelphia's Korean war memorial, at Front and Dock Streets in Society Hill, veterans of the United States and Korean armed forces reflected on their service.


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(Photo by Justin Udo)


"We enjoy meeting other veterans and talking to them," said Mick Schroeder, a US veteran.   "They all got a different story, so we enjoy being with each other whenever we can."

Schroeder was an 18-year-old kid from Delaware when he joined the military and went to Korea.  He says days like today reassure him that the sacrifices they made were worth it.

"It's so pleasing to us to know that they've come as far as they have, the Korean people.  They've made such progress, and we're proud of them," he said.

Watson Day, who served in both World War II and the Korean War, was quick to minimize the status of those who came back.

"Don't count us as heroes," he said.  "We aren't the heroes.   The heroes are the ones that gave their lives.  We're the lucky ones that came through, and God brought us through."

During the ceremony the veterans received medals commemorating their time served.



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