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Starr Restaurant Group Canvasses Rittenhouse Square For Employees, Offering Signing Bonus To New Hires

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Restaurants are trying to reopen as normal, but they can't do that without workers. It's forcing some to get creative while trying to hire.

Staff from the Starr Restaurant Group canvassed Rittenhouse Square park on Saturday recruiting potential new employees.

They handed out cards with more information on job openings.

The cards are also redeemable for a free glass of wine.

"Being the popular restaurant group that we are, we've never had difficulties getting employees before," Randi Sirkin, vice president of creative services at Starr Restaurant Group, said. "But due to the shortage these days, we're resorting to whatever tactics it takes. A little bribery, we're trying to think outside the box."

Another big incentive, Starr is offering a $300 signing bonus.

The group owns more than 20 restaurants, including Buddakan, Parc, and Barclay Prime.

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