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Lawsuit claims Starbucks falsely advertises fruit in "Refresher" drinks

Starbucks facing lawsuit over claim "Refresher" drinks don't contain fruit
Starbucks facing lawsuit over claim "Refresher" drinks don't contain fruit 00:32

(CBS/CNN) -- Starbucks is facing a lawsuit after a claim suggests its fruit drinks are missing the advertised fruit. The drinks in question are the 'Refresher' line mango dragon-fruit, mango dragon-fruit lemonade, pineapple passion-fruit, pineapple passion-fruit lemonade, strawberry açai, and strawberry açai lemonade.

Noan Kominis, of New York, and Jason McAllister, of California, filed the claim in a consumer protection lawsuit against Starbucks over the coffee giant's 'Refresher' line of drinks.

Kominis and McAllister said the drinks did not have mango, passion fruit or açai, adding that they would not have paid a premium price for the drinks if they had known they were missing some of the fruits advertised.

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Starbucks said the allegations were "inaccurate and without merit." The company wanted the case dismissed because it said the drink names refer to flavors, not necessarily ingredients.

A federal judge disagreed, and the case is moving forward.

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