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This Exercise Could Give You More Energy Than Coffee, Study Shows

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--Coffee may be your go-to in the morning, but what gets you through the mid-day slump?

"Soda or candy," said Luis Quevedo of Old City.

"I go for a mochachino," added Lou Balcher.

For Chris Clark of Philly, it was "exercise."

So, what if you don't have time for the gym?

A new study shows a ten minute, regular-paced trip up and down the stairs provides more of a boost than half a cup of coffee or a whole can of soda.

Researchers from the University of Georgia found 50 milligrams of caffeine had little effect on how folks felt, but taking the stairs made them feel more energetic and motivated.

The study simulated the challenges found in a typical office setting, where workers spend hours at their desk with little or no time for fitness.

But, plenty of time to take the stairs.

"Now you've got me thinking. I'm going to go with exercise on this one," said Christina May of Philadelphia.

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