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Stacey Dash: 'My Second Amendment Right Saved My Life'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Actress and cable news commentator Stacey Dash discussed her new book, There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless To Conservative, and related a story claiming her Second Amendment right to own a gun saved her from a life of domestic violence.

Dash, during an interview with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, detailed her account of using a gun against against an abuser.


"My gun and my Second Amendment right saved my life and the life of my son. I've had first-hand experience that I know carrying a gun saved your life...I got into an abusive relationship, a man that would beat me up every day for five years. I got away from that man and then got into another relationship with another man that was also not a good man. He was a bad man...cut to, my son is three-years-old, we're being stalked by this man. We're having to move, I can't tell you how many times because this man would find us every place we went. Finally, I bought a gun, and thank God, because he found us. He kicked the door in off the hinges. He beat me up. My son was asleep upstairs. I ran upstairs. I got my gun. I loaded it and I came down the stairs shooting and he was coming up the stairs. I missed, but he went away and he never came back."

She thinks that if more people carried guns with them, the Orlando shooting could have had a different ending.

"This tragic, horrific incident is proof of that. Had there been men in there, or women in there, who were allowed to carry a weapon, that were good guys, maybe so many people might not have died. There would've been a fair fight. But, unfortunately, of course, people who want to kill people, they don't play by the laws. They don't go by the gun laws. They don't play by the rules. They're going to carry guns anyway. So then, why don't you give the good guys guns so that we can protect ourselves?"

Dash also stated that Republicans have celebrated her outspokenness on conservatism, but that is has damaged her acting career.

"I've been embraced by the conservative world and the Republican party, very, very much so. They're very gracious and not racist, like people would say they are. But, the Democrats, the oh-so tolerant liberals, it turns out, are not so tolerable. They're very intolerant. They're blacklisting me, ostracizing me out of Hollywood and telling me keep my mouth shut or I won't work again. I won't be scared into submission, so here I stand."


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