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SRC Stunner: Gov. Wolf Replaces Bill Green As Chairman

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - In a shocking move, Governor Wolf has replaced Bill Green as chair of the School Reform Commission.

In making the announcement that he's named Commissioner Marjorie Neff chair of the SRC, Governor Wolf never mentions Bill Green. But Wolf says "it will be refreshing to have an educator who understands the needs of our schools as chair."

Neff is the former principal at Masterman High. Green couldn't say whether his removal stemmed from the SRC's approving five new charter schools against the governor's wishes:

"I have no insight into the motivations behind the governor's action. I'm disappointed by it. I believe it's contrary to the law."

Green says he won't stand in Neff's way, but he plans to challenge the governor's move in court:

"I hold the office of chair and the office of commissioner. And I don't believe there's a legal basis for replacing one commissioner with another into the office of chair without cause."

The governor's action comes as the SRC prepares a budget for next year – one that's already $80 million short.

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