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Sprinkling Seeds Can Be Simply Satisfying

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Go sprinkle some seeds!

I didn't used to plant seeds because I didn't want seedlings indoors - trays stacked all over the house, cluttering windowsills, or under grow-lights down in the cellar - that's too fussy for me. But sprinkling easy-to-grow seeds of herbs or annuals outdoors takes almost no effort.

Last year I sprinkled zinnia and cosmos seeds in and around pots and perennial beds. In the fall, I collected seeds from those flowerheads and many have sprung up already. Plus, I got some more seeds this year to sprinkle in other sunny spots. It's so much easier and cheaper than buying and planting annuals and since it's only June they have months to bloom.

Zinnias are about as easy as it gets; they sprout in a week, bloom soon after, and will keep flowering into fall if you keep cutting them to enjoy in vases. Plus, they can take the heat and are drought tolerant too.

So, go get some seeds to sprinkle, they're probably on sale anyway; you've got almost nothing to lose!

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