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Spring Maintenance To-Do List

Rumor has it spring is coming. No matter what weird weather your home lived through this winter, chances are it could use some tender loving care once the temperatures warm up. If you haven't yet penned your spring to-do list, here are some home-maintenance musts to include.

Roof Care – All roofs, but particularly those over 20 years old, can take a real beating from winter storms and high winds. Eyeball your roof from the ground to look for missing, loose or buckling roof shingles, nail pops or failed fasteners. Then hire an experienced roofer to replace them or install a new roof covering, if necessary.

Gutter Drainage – If you notice water stains on exterior walls, your gutters may not be draining roof runoff effectively. Check for clogged, loose or leaking gutters and downspouts, which can lead to water damage on the roof and in other areas of the house, such as crawl spaces and basements. Make sure there is no standing water remaining after the gutters have been completely flushed. Standing water will require additional work on the gutters to adjust their slope and further protect the house's foundation from water damage.

Foundation Repair – The foundation of your home cannot be permanently bolstered by DIY caulking. Thoroughly examine your home's exterior for masonry cracks and hire a foundation specialist to fix them via epoxy injection bonding.

Leaky Windows – Deteriorated weather stripping and caulking around windows allow outdoor air to leak in and wind up costing homeowners more in heating and cooling bills throughout the year. Check the wood trim around windows for rotting or splintering. If any windows have hairline cracks, they will need to be replaced. Revitalize and tighten your window seals but make sure to start with a good, thorough cleaning first to let spring's sunlight in.

Top-to-Bottom Maintenance – Attics and basements require a thorough, end-of-winter inspection to search for signs of insect and animal infestation, as well as mold. Make sure that ventilation and insulation are at peak levels and eyeball every area to check for wall and floor cracks.

Spruce Up The Exterior – Remove debris from your lawn that might inhibit grass and plant growth come spring. This is also a great time to try out an organic herbicide to diminish weed growth and to lay the groundwork for summer planting. If you have a deck or outside patio, look for warped or splintered floorboards that could use replacing and double-check the condition of your patio furniture and grill. If your grill was left outdoors, make sure it didn't become home to any animals seeking shelter over the winter and also check the burner jets for clogging.

Corey Whelan is a freelance writer in New York. Her work can be found at

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