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Spike Eskin: Harris' Devils Purchase Just Another Thing We'll Forgive

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Another week, another controversy. With that, another controversy that doesn't really matter.

Sixers owner Josh Harris wants to buy the Devils. Cue the outrage.

Some are acting like Josh Harris' desire to buy the New Jersey Devils is an unforgivable affront to Philadelphia sports fans. Those people will yell and scream and stomp their feet that of all things he could do, this is the one thing that proves he just "doesn't get us."

List of things we've said are unforgivable over the last five years or so: domestic abuse, homophobia, racism, dog-fighting, laziness, selfishness. All have been forgiven or forgotten. Some take more time than others, and sometimes the stench of the misgiving lingers, but the point still stands.

The simple fact, once again, is if the Sixers become a good team led by an All-Star type player, it's hard to imagine any of Josh Harris' business interests would prevent interest in the team.

Sixers die-hards, what few there are left, don't care much about hockey.

Flyers die-hards already mostly don't care about the Sixers at best, or hate them at worst (this is actually sort of prevalent).

Everyone else is in win they win, and out when they lose. They forgive when the team is good enough to warrant it, or if they've been distracted by whatever the latest controversy is. They may experience a hint of discomfort with the whole thing, but it will pass.

This of course doesn't speak to the notion of Harris moving the team, which maybe is a real possibility and maybe it isn't. But this is a more legitimate concern than the supposed affront to our fandom.

The truth is, Josh Harris may understand us more than we'll give him credit for. We'll cheer for anyone if they win. We'll forgive anything if given the opportunity.

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