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SPCA Removes Dozens Of Dogs From Del. County Home

By Elizabeth Hur, Tim Jimenez

MARCUS HOOK, Pa. (CBS) - The SPCA raided a home in Marcus Hook, Delaware County Friday night, rescuing dozens of dogs from an animal rescue that authorities say was run by a hoarder.

Authorities called this a "good deed that's gone off the cliff." Officials say good intentions may have been there, but unfortunately, there were just too many animals for two people to care for.

One-by-one, German Shepherds or Shepherd mixes were pulled from Sixth Angel Shepherd Rescue, Inc. located at 15 W. 10TH Street, according to authorities. Pennsylvania SPCA spokeswoman Wendy Morano says new complaints led to officers raiding the shelter and rescuing 30 dogs. Authorities say most of them were covered in feces or urine.

Pennsylvania SPCA officials described the facility as deplorable and unfit for not only just animals, but also the caretakers. Officials say they were called to the scene after neighbors and borough leaders called and complained. They were believed to have suspected animal cruelty for years.

"I'm very, very happy, not just for our residents because of the barking and all that, but finally, the dogs are going to be treated to good health," Marcus Hook Mayor James D. Schiliro said.

Officials say because nobody has been charged they can't release any names, but they do expect charges will be filed against the animal rescue's operator and her assistant.

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