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Sparring Battle Between A Candidate And A Republican Committee In Montgomery County

By Jim Melwert 

MONTGOMERY COUNTY (CBS) -- Republicans will try to take back the majority on the Montgomery County board of commissioners, in Tuesday's election. But their efforts may be hindered by an on-going rift between one of the candidates and party leaders in the county.

Who caused the rift, between candidate Joe Gale and the county Republican committee? well that depends on who you talk to. Gale claims it started when he won the primary as an un-endorsed candidate.

"I beat the party which is very difficult to do and it was one of the biggest upsets in Pennsylvania and since then the leadership is embarrassed by my victory, it doesn't look good for them," Gale says.

But Montgomery County Republican Committee chairman Mike Vereb says every door has been opened to Gale, but Vereb says, Gale's chosen this tactic, which Vereb calls political theater.

Steve Tolbert, the other Republican on the ballot for county commissioner, says he isn't going to get into it.

"My job is to get to November 3rd," Tolbert says.  "And to present to the voters my campaign and what I'd like to see done, and that's really where I'm focused. I don't really deal with much of the other stuff."

Tolbert and Gale square off against incumbent commissioners, Democrats Josh Shapiro and Val Arkoosh.

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