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South Philly Schoolkids Relive A 'Rocky' Moment With Daylong Activities

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Kids at a South Philadelphia school spent the afternoon today having fun and raising money with a "Rocky run."

So what is a Rocky run?  Well, it's named after Philadelphia's most famous movie character.

"We start at our front gate.  We walk to Broad, then run up and meet Rocky.  It's a cut-out of him, and they get their picture taken," explains Charles Imbaze, who organized the event at the St. Thomas Aquinas parochial school, at 17th and Morris Streets.

Imbaze says the school has a special connection to Rocky Balboa, the fictional prize-fighter that spawned a string of movies starring Sylvester Stallone:

"In the second Rocky, he came right to that window and he asked Father Carmine for a blessing.  'Hey, yo! Father Carmine!  I need a blessing before I go to the fight!' "

Watch the "Yo, Father Carmine!" movie clip from Rocky II.

More than 200 students participated today, raising about $12,000 toward scholarships.

James Binns is a friend of the school who helps with the event.  He says the goal is to make it a fun time for the kids.

"The Strike Force Bicycle Stunt Team is about to perform.  We had McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog here, also," he said.

Students ask for sponsorships and then parade around the block.

"Their parents sponsor them, their neighbors sponsor them, other citizens sponsor them," said Binns.

Reported by Hadas Kuznits, KYW Newsradio 1060

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