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'Kill A Cop, Save A Life' Graffiti Tagged Onto Philly Building

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Residents in South Philadelphia had a rude awakening Wednesday morning after finding graffiti sprayed on homes and sidewalks.

Neighbors said they noticed the graffiti around 5:30 a.m. near 21st and Bouvier Street.

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Some of the graffiti read, "It is the right to rebel," with what appears to be a Molotov cocktail next to the text. Another one said, "Kill a cop, Save a life."

"I've been here 35 years. It's a nice street. All of a sudden you get this," said neighbor Charlie Inverso. "It's a symbol for firebombing which has me concerned. Like what are they doing. Is that a warning?"

Residents say this vandalism has rocked their normally quiet community.

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"I've been here for 70 years. My concern is the statement that says, 'Kill a cop, Save a life,'" said neighbor Rich Califano. "What are you thinking? It's one thing to put graffiti up there but how serious are you on that statement?"

City workers have already power washed or painted over much of the vandalism in the neighborhood.

Investigators continue to search for possible suspects.

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