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Chase Involving FBI Ends In Crash In Kensington

By Kim Glovas, Elizabeth Hur

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A chase involving the FBI ended in a crash in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood.

The suspects were reportedly seen tossing a weapon from their car as they tried to get away.

"I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a black truck coming at full speed," An eyewitness who wished to remain anonymous went onto tell us, "I looked up out my windshield and I watched a gun come flying out the window and crash into the back of that windshield."

The owner of the minivan was shocked over the damage the fleeing suspects left behind.

Charles Adam recalled, "Heard the sirens, wife comes in and tells me there's a gun in the backseat of your van, cops are outside. I come out and see a busted window."

That happened at the corner of Sergeant and Sepviva Streets. Authorities tell us the pursuit began a short distance away at Trenton and Lehigh when FBI agents spotted who they believed to be a wanted fugitive. The pursuit ended in a crash in the 2600 block of Hagert Street.

"Motors just screaming, screaming, sounded like a tree went down," Francis O'Brien, eyewitness, also said, "There had to be 50 FBI agents and police officers out here and they had guns in the car, the guys in the car had guns."

Authorities confirm three men were pulled from the SUV.

One of them, sources say, is believed to be a man wanted by the FBI for armed robbery and assault charges from Philadelphia. Sources confirm another gun was recovered from the suspect's vehicle which spun out of control in the end hitting two FBI vehicles and three parked cars outside O'Brien's auto repair shop.

O'Brien said, "It hit three of our customer's cars. I pushed one of my mechanics in the door and the car bumped him when the SUV hit it. I have never seen so many cop cars, I had no idea what was going on."

Late Thursday night, FBI officials did not release any names but confirmed three men in custody will be charged with local and federal offenses in connection with the chase and crash.

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