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Some Uninvited, Some Dreading Thanksgiving After Election

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Thanksgiving is just days away, and many will be faced with family members who do not share their political views.

So how do you keep the peace while sitting down to dinner?

It is important to remember that for some, the election results were a thrilling end to a hard fought race, but for others, Trump's presidential victory signaled feelings of fear and frustration.

"Those feelings can be within the workplace, on Facebook, or even in your family," says Dr. George James, a family therapist at the Council for Relationships.

He says in order to maintain relationships with people whose opinions differ from your own, be mindful of how you act.

"No one likes a gloat, or a sore loser."

And remember to put the person before politics by trying to understand why they made their decision.

"Most people might not even fully agree with the person they voted for, maybe that's the way we can separate it, by realizing that there's more to the person than whether they voted for Trump or Hillary," Dr. James says.

So it may be good to start talking to understand each other's views better, just not at the Thanksgiving table.

"No politics at Thanksgiving! I will put signs on the front and back door of my house!"

Dr. James says that's actually not a bad idea if you suspect conversation will lead to an argument.

Or you could always grab a seat at the kids table.

It is important to remember, things could be worse. Some were actually banned from their family's Thanksgiving because of their political views.

And if you need a reminder on how to avoid the drama, we've created a Survival Guide.


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