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Some Summer Precautions

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Memorial Day is almost here and with it comes the unofficial start of the summer. But leave it to me not to celebrate the season but to provide health warnings.

The first has to do with the fact that you must always be on guard about too much exposure to the sun. You need to make certain that you wear sun block and protect yourself from unnecessary exposure. A wide brim hat can be a big help. Protecting yourself from the sun's harmful rays can actually help fight coarse skin and wrinkles and down the road help reduce your chances of developing skin cancer.

My other concern is regarding water safety. Above all we need to make certain that those who don't now how to swim get swimming lessons. At the very least, for young children and those who can't swim parents need to be extremely cautious.

And, finally, alcohol and swimming don't mix. A decrease in judgment can be a killer when water is involved. A little caution now will help insure a happy and safe summer.

Reported By Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio Medical Editor

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