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Some Plant Rules Made To Be Broken

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - "That plant's in the wrong place", a friend who's a great gardener told my mother, who for years has put an annual hibiscus on her back patio. It's against a wall, in the shadow of the house and gets nowhere near the amount of sunlight associated with keeping a tropical hibiscus thriving.

But, in just another example of the fact that plants seem to do what they want to – or perhaps do what someone in particular wants them to – the hibiscus my mom puts in that spot always performs.

She's always planted it there because it looks so nice - the pot and plant are the right size for one another, and the dark green leaves and deeply-colored flowers stand out beautifully against the white wall of the house. This year, as before, she wanted one with bright red flowers, and my mother was ecstatic to see the fresh blooms unfurling each morning this May, and delighting at their size, intensity and beauty which is so fleeting since each flower only lasts a day.

"He keeps telling me that plant's in the wrong place," my mom recalled last week, then added "I told him, it may be, but it's blooming to beat the band!"

I think it's pretty clear who I got my gardening gumption from! Thanks Mom.

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