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Some People Head To Local Mall To Take Minds Off Sandy

By Hadas Kuznits

LANGHORN, PA. (CBS) - The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy had some people who are still without power seeking refuge at the Oxford Valley Mall.

"I have no electricity, no cable, I've been out of all communications for almost a week now," this woman said.

Some people recently get their power restored, but as this woman points out, there's plenty of other issues to deal with thanks to Sandy.

"We have a second home in Ortley Beach and all of my neighbors, that's their primary home so they're all displaced right now with no clothes or anything and we know for sure right now our house does have water and I don't know what's gonna happen. I just heard that we're not gonna be able to get on the island for 8 months."

With Sandy postponing Halloween in many communities, folks at the mall said it's a little strange to see Christmas decorations up.

"It's just, I'm not thinking about Christmas!" this woman said. " I'm not even thinking about Halloween! I'm just thinking about getting electricity and getting a phone and hoping that the people who need things more than I do get helped."

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