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2024 solar eclipse will impact these 4 zodiac signs more than others, Philadelphia astrologer says

2024 solar eclipse is more than just a celestial event, astrologer says
2024 solar eclipse is more than just a celestial event, astrologer says 02:22

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Are you an Aries or Scorpio? Maybe you are a Capricorn or Cancer. If you believe in astrology, this solar eclipse may mean something deeper than just the alignment of the sun, the moon and the planet.

"Anyone who is an Aries is going to feel this eclipse personally," Tracey Rogers, an astrologer and life coach based in Philadelphia, said. "It literally has your name on it."

"The solar eclipse is like a supercharged new moon and when the moon is new it's dark," Rogers said. "So I like to think of the dark moon as fertile ground and soil for seed planting."

Rogers says an eclipse season typically comes in pairs and is fixed in a particular astrological sign. 

"There was a full moon lunar eclipse on March 25 in the sign of Libra, and the solar eclipse (April 8) is in the sign of Aries," Rogers said. "Those two signs are going to be highly impacted by these eclipses."

Astrologists believe the alignment of the planets and stars can influence events and behaviors. Eclipses can magnify things and represent new beginnings.

Total Solar Eclipse Washington
The moon partially covers the sun during a total solar eclipse, as seen from the National Mall in Washington, Monday, April 8, 2024. Jose Luis Magana / AP

"That's why many spiritualists, many astrologers will tell you when there's a new moon, set new moon intentions," Rogers said. "It's a new start; with a solar eclipse it's like you have an added burst of energy to initiate."

Although the solar eclipse will impact all zodiac signs, the solar eclipse will have a greater influence on these signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. 

"Aries can think of this as a new personal chapter, a new personal beginning," Rogers said.

For Libras, the eclipse will be about building new connections, Rogers said. 

"If you're a Libra, this is a relationship that's going to be an eclipse that's going to affect you on the relationship," Rogers said. "This is going to about building new connections, new partnerships whether romantic or business in nature."

For Cancers, Rogers said the eclipse will impact your legacy. 

"If you're a Cancer and you're navigating career changes or breaking out into a new field," Rogers said. "Launching a new business, you have a lot of support with this eclipse."

Lastly, Capricorns will feel a lot of energy and support from the solar eclipse, according to Rogers. 

"For Capricorn, this is about domestic things like if you're relocating or buying a home," Rogers said. "Maybe mending strained ties with family and loved ones, you can expect a lot of energy and support with the solar eclipse."

Rogers says the eclipse will impact every sign, and the energy from this solar eclipse is also dealing with Mercury in Retrograde.

"I think what will be helpful for all the signs, for everyone to think about is the fact that Aries is a sign that likes to initiate and is self-focused, self-assertive, highly ambitious," Rogers said. "The overall message for the eclipse is to identify where in your life you may be feeling held back. Where in your life you may be feeling blocked, stagnant. Wherever that is, that is where you're going to be feeling this solar eclipse."

Rogers said Mercury in Retrograde in Aries can bring up some painful memories for new beginnings.

"There may be some pain points that we have to confront to go ahead. When I say pain points, I mean fears," Rogers said. "You want to make sure you are being gentle with yourself if you're feeling some resistance to solar eclipse knowing what path you are about to take. You don't want to make any impulse moves and you certainly don't want to act from fear."

Rogers says the second week of May will be a good release point for a new chapter and encourages everyone to have an open mind to astrology.

"Find yourself a really good consulting astrologer and book a reading and find out for yourself," Rogers said.

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