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Social Video Platform Keek Surpasses 45-Million Users

By Social Media Editor Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Keek allows users to create 36 second videos, known as "keeks." The growing social video network has almost doubled its users in the last four months.

Over 24-million new users have joined the network in the last 4 months, making it the the largest social video platform with 45-million users. Keek founder and CEO Isaac Raichyk explains why he thinks people are gravitating toward Keek.

"Its fast, its easy to use, its not complicated," he says. "We don't have video editing or filters. It's you right there on the camera. You get to share your life with your friends and fans."

What's interesting is that half of Keek's growth has taken place since the launch of Twitter's six second video App Vine in January, which had 13-million iPhone users prior to its Android release this week. Keek is available on iPhone, Blackberry, Android and the desktop.

"Keek is unique," Raichyk says. "Our focus has been on communications and social interaction, not entertainment."

Keek has been the #1 social networking app in 45 counties and has served over 12-billion pageviews.

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