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New Chocolate Snorting Energy Craze Is Worrying Some Doctors

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--It turns out people are not just eating chocolate, now they're also snorting it.

The internet is already full of people snorting what's called "Coco Loko."

It's a new snuff that's available on mainstream sites like Amazon.

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The makers of "Coco Loko" are marketing it as a legal high that can produce an endorphin rush.

It's laced with many of the stimulants found in energy drinks that have doctors and politicians worried.

"I think it's dangerous cause we don't always know what these secondary ingredients or the primary ingredient can do," said Dr. Christopher McCarthy. "Certain chemicals when they are put in the nasal passages can block the sinus drainage; they can lead to secondary infections, sinus infections, throat infections, even potentially ear infections."

Doctors already know one of the additives can lead to dangerously low blood pressure if over consumed.

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