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SNL Star Takes One-Man Show To Philadelphia

By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Actor, comedian and former Saturday Night Live star Colin Quinn is hitting the stage in Philadelphia for a one-man show that takes a look at the U.S. Constitution.

Titled 'Unconstitutional', the one man show takes a satirical look at some of the successes and absurdities of more than 226 years of Constitutional calamities.

"Even people that hate the founding fathers, love the constitution," says the Brooklyn native.

Quinn says the idea for the show came from improvisational jokes about the Constitution that expanded into a full 90 minute plus show that tackles everything from freedom of speech, to gun rights to the Kardashians, who Quinn says are living the American dream.

"In other cultures, if your name was getting dishonored and besmirched you'd lay low for a couple of generations. They do just the opposite. What we do over here, you take your name, it's out there -- sex tape, OJ's lawyer -- you put that name out there slap it on some products and make some money.

Listen to Cherri Gregg's full interview in this CBS Philly podcast:

Colin Quinn, Unconstitutional

Unconstitutional previews today and opens tomorrow at Suzanne Roberts Theatre. For more, go to

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