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Small Pizza Shops Seeing Increase In Cost Of Pepperoni As COVID-19 Causes Shortage

PHILADELPHIA (CNN) -- The coronavirus pandemic has left us with shortages in items ranging from toilet paper to disinfectant wipes and even coins. But, if you're a pizza lover, the virus-related shortage of pepperoni may be even more troubling.

New outlets including, USA Today, report that small pizza shops say they're seeing higher prices for the popular topping.

According to Bloomberg, a South Dakota shop is paying $4.12 per pound for it, compared to $2.87 per pound in January of 2019.

Bloomberg also found a New York Pizzeria that says it's paying $6 per pound, up from $4 per pound earlier this year.

The paper reports that large chains like Domino's, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars and Papa John's are not getting hit with price increases because their prices are set in long term contracts.

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