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'Skinny Joey' Banned From All Casinos In Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Reputed mob boss Joey Merlino is no longer welcome at any casino in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board issued that decision in response to a dust-up at Sugarhouse Casino in March, when Merlino and his entourage were playing blackjack.

"There was a slight altercation," explains the Board's Doug Harbach. "It led to our Office of Enforcement Council recommending to the board that Mr. Merlino then be put on our involuntary exclusion list."

Harbach says numerous attempts were made to serve Merlino papers which he could have appealed:

"That's part of the due process that we give to all individuals, that we serve them the notices, that we are contemplating putting them on that list. He did not want to receive it and the numerous attempts that we made, so finally, we, in absentia, went ahead with the process of putting him on the list."

Harbach says if Merlino enters a casino, he can be arrested for criminal trespass and have winnings confiscated by the Commonwealth.

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