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Six Flags Attempts World Record Breaking Snowball Fight

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Over 500 guests gathered at Six Flags Great Adventure to participate in the nationwide snowball fight.

The New Jersey amusement park was one of four Six Flags parks taking part in the attempt on Sunday morning.

six flags snowball fight
(credit: Six Flags)

This is in addition to the 4,317 guests who participated throughout five Six Flags parks last weekend in California, Texas, and Missouri.

Nine Six Flags parks across North America were scheduled to be involved in the event last weekend, but a snow storm caused several east coast parks, from Massachusetts to Atlanta, to postpone their events.

The old record of 7,681 participants was set in Canada in 2016. Six Flags is aiming to beat that record with 9,000 participants.

Total event participation has not been finalized.

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