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Six Couples Tie The Knot Amid Reading Terminal Market's Valentine Lunch Crowd

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A half-dozen couples took part today in Philadelphia's most romantic tradition: they tied the knot in front of the lunchtime crowd at Reading Terminal Market.

Judge Jeffrey Minehart -- the man with the most romantic name on the bench -- has become the designated Valentine's day wedding officiator, and a handful of couples every year are offered the option of saying their vows in this very public setting.

Ivonia Robinson, blushing today in layered white satin, recommends it.

"It was exciting and invigorating," she said afterward.  "I felt like everybody was rooting for us."

And everyone was.

"Oh, I think it's really sweet," said one female observer.  "I think it's just a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day and each other.  I just think it's really nice."

"That's cute, that's wonderful!  Congratulations to them both," said another young woman.

But maybe not everyone was in the spirit.

"Misery loves company, that's why I'm watching," said one man.



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