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Sisters Take Fashion To The Streets With Mobile Store In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- When we think of fashion we usually think of it rolling on racks, not on wheels! Well, this is Fashion in the City!

Fashion in the City is a mobile fashion truck inspired and ran by sisters Joy and Ramona Mallory.

The youngest, Joy, wasn't always working in fashion.

"I was working in the health field," Joy explained. "I reached a point where I just didn't want to do it anymore. I got burned out, started brainstorming on other things that interested me as a kid. Fashion was just one of those things that kept making it to the forefront."

So, another sister gave Joy the idea of making her own store front mobile. She then pitched it to her other sister Ramona, and voila! They've been riding the road of success for two years.

Equipped with a dressing room and the latest trends, Ramona says that their stylish stock is for everyone and any budget.

The prices are incredible, with almost everything under $100. On Monday, the mobile fashion store was in Northern Liberties, but the store will be launching an app, soon to come, that will allow you to find them at the press of a button.

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