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Shopping For Generators At... The Grocery Store?

By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- All the preparations for a winter storm had many people thinking about last year, when much of the region lost power for days. One grocery store chain has been thinking about it too.

Acme Markets is selling gas powered generators in it's stores throughout the region. Nick Sborlini, Acme's regional general manager, says he was without power for a week last year and remembered how hard it was.

"When you're without power for 7-days in a house, it gets kinda tough. So that kind of spurred the idea. Because you couldn't find anything around 'cause it all sold out so fast," he said.

Sborlini says Acme stores started selling generators last Black Friday. but this weekend, he says sales really took off.  This woman was shopping at the Acme in Feasterville.

"I think it's great. One-stop shopping. But I don't get one 'cause I don't know how to work it anyway," she said.

Not only are Acme stores selling generators, but some drug stores also have generators on sale.

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