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At Least 2 Dozen Water Rescues In Chester County As Flash Flooding Occurs

COATESVILLE, Pa. (CBS) -- A powerful storm system roared through the Philadelphia area Tuesday afternoon, causing flash floods around the region. Over 7 inches of rain fell in Chester County as that area remains under flood warnings until Wednesday morning.

Emergency crews made about two dozen water rescues.

The water has receded now, but it was a different story earlier Tuesday.

People were canoeing in the streets and the road under a bridge in Coatesville was submerged by the high water.

"Anywhere where we actually had barriers people were going around them," Caln Township Commissioner Mark Evans said.

We've all heard the saying "turn around, don't drown." But many residents did not heed that advice in Caln Township, Chester County Tuesday evening.

"The township itself has had numerous rescues today. The whole township was underwater," Evans said.

Storms rolled through Downingtown and Coatesville, causing lots of flooding and creeks to overflow their banks. Beaver Creek left a bridge flooded and a nearby park underwater.

"Pretty crazy no one listens to barriers. That's how people get hurt and drown. It's not safe," Downingtown resident Lee Morgensen said.

Mogensen is a Downingtown resident who decided to step in to prevent people from driving through high waters.

"We really can't handle this kind of runoff. Stormwater runoff is a huge problem currently and it's going to just get worse," Evans said.

More of the same weather is expected for the next two days, in ground that's already saturated.

Township officials are hoping residents heed their advice in the coming days.

"Stay home. Don't try to go through the water, you won't make it. If you see a barrier, stop, don't go around it," Evans said.

There were at least two dozen water rescues Tuesdayy. Police are out and making sure people are not driving through water that has yet to recede.

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