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SEPTA Strike Enters Day Six

by Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It's now day six of the SEPTA Strike. The buses, trolleys and subway lines are still shutdown.

It's not clear when negotiations will resume, but the head of the local Transport Workers Union is making some noise.

Union President Willie Brown, in a statement, says "we can't get anywhere at the bargaining table."

He blames SEPTA board chairman Pat Deon and the transit agency for the lack of progress because they're pushing for an injunction to get the 5000+ city transit employees back to work.

A judge declined the request Friday but will hear arguments Monday.

Brown describes this legal move on SEPTA's end as a desparate attempt to mess up the collective bargaining process.

Brown says there's no need to go to court with only a handful of issues keeping both sides apart: pensions being the big sticking point.

SEPTA argues the city transit shutdown is a risk to public safety, and will have a negative impact on many people who will try to get to the polls on election day.

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