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SEPTA Dealing With Spider Problem In Northern Liberties

NORTHERN LIBERTIES, Pa. (CBS) — Creepy crawly commuters are spinning their webs in and around the Spring Garden El Station's light fixtures.

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Well known to emerge as the sun begins to set, the spiders, which can be 2-3 inches big, have been known to drop down on waiting evening commuters.

"They're really bad," said Adrian Hattaway. "I mean if you are sitting here not paying attention, they'll be in your face before you know it."

There is so much concern about the arachnids that SEPTA is now taking action.  A spokesman for the transportation authority said an exterminator sprayed last week.  He also said SEPTA employees have also been cleaning the light fixtures.

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SEPTA said its efforts are making a difference and the extermination will continue.  CBS 3 notices very clean light fixtures and a few smaller dead spiders by the day but a fair amount of large living spiders at night.

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